Did you know…

  • Less than 5% of all litigations filed in this country ever go to trial.
  • Less than 2% of those litigations ever reach a verdict.

As the number of civil claims continues to rise, so does the burden upon the court system. This can result in long trial delays and costly litigation expenses. There is, however, a timely and cost-effective alternative to this process; it is called

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

In most cases, ADR provides immediate and equitable relief to disputants, with hearings/conferences scheduled within a two to six week period. The parties have a say in the neutral presiding, as well as the time and location of the hearing/conference. In addition, significant cost savings can be enjoyed due to the elimination or reduction of unnecessary motion practice, the cost of expert testimony, trial expenses and time.

ADR may be used to resolve any manner of dispute, with the exception of criminal. This includes: personal injury, property damage, matrimonial, contract, labor law, wrongful discharge, discrimination, sexual harassment, libel, products liability, defamation, intellectual property…